Is Your Family Worth It?

  • one hour of your time
  • answering 12 questions
  • $345 ($445 for a couple)

Just one meeting with an experienced Notary Public and your Legal Will and other essential estate documents will be completed, signed, and ready to use when needed. No more time or money required.

This is as easy as it gets. So what are you waiting for?

Is Your Family 

Worth It?

  • One hour
  • 12 questions
  • $395

Just one meeting with an experienced Notary Public and your Legal Will and other essential estate documents will be completed, signed, and ready to use when needed. No more time or money required.

This is as easy as it gets.

So what are you waiting for?


Step 1 - Book an Appointment

Use our convenient online booking system to see when the notary is available and book a convenient time and location. 


Step 2 - Meet with the Notary 

In a friendly and comfortable setting you will provide the Notary with the information needed to prepare your documents in your presence.


Step 3 - Sign the documents

Under the notary's supervision the documents are signed, witnessed and notarized so that they will be fully ready when needed.

Quick and trouble free!

Michael C.

Quick and trouble free! The Notary was pleasant, professional, efficient, thorough and repeatedly ensured that I understood what was happening! Well done start to finish!

Kind and pleasant.

Jean W.

The Notary was very thorough and very professional. He "walks" you through the legal papers until he is sure you understand the contents. He is kind and pleasant and makes the experience easy.

Why Choose Us:

Low cost

If you need legal advice then you should hire a lawyer. But if your wishes are relatively straight forward, why not save yourself the time and money. 

Hassle free

DIY kits and automated software websites cost less but ultimately leave it to you to prepare your documents. And then you still need to get your documents signed and notarized costing even more time and money.  

One meeting and you're done

This has probably been weighing on your mind for a while. We've developed this quick and easy way for you to take care of it once and for all. 

Deal with a real person 

No need to fill out a form on a website and try to figure out what everything means. Sit down with a friendly professional who can walk through everything at a comfortable pace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What documents are included

The most significant document is a Legal Will, also known as a Last Will and Testament. With this document you appoint an Executor and provide his or her with instructions on how to dispose of your property after your death.

We also prepare an Enduring Power of Attorney with which you appoint someone to look after your property and finances in the event you are alive but lack the mental capacity to make these decisions for yourself.

The final document is a Personal Directive where you appoint someone to make health care decisions for you in the event you are unable to do so yourself.

Each of these documents are accompanied by an Affidavit of Execution which provides the necessary legal proof of their validity.

We can also prepare Separation and Prenuptial Agreements


How much does it cost?

The cost of preparing and notarizing all 3 documents plus 3 Affidavits of Execution is $345 for one person. It's just $100 extra for a couple even though that's a total of 12 documents. 

The cost for a Will without any other documents is $295 for one person and $395 for a couple.

If you only need an Enduring Power of Attorney and/or a Personal Directive but not a Will the cost for one person is $150 and $250 for a couple.

There are no extra or hidden costs unless you require additional services which are more than legally necessary.


How do I pay?

At the end of your appointment you have the option to pay with a debit card, a credit card, or by EFT (Interac). 

Do you make house calls?

Yes. The Notary will meet with you at your home, office, residential facility, etc. provided that you have access to a working printer to print the final documents. Also you will need to provide one witness - a competent adult who is not a beneficiary, or otherwise named in your documents nor the spouse of such a person. Also, the witness should not be someone who provides you with goods or services for compensation. There is an extra fee of $95 for house calls.


Do I need to bring or prepare anything?

You need one piece of unexpired, government issued, photo ID. If that is impossible you can use two other forms of ID, at least one of which bears your signature.

After you book your appointment we will email you a list of questions to think about before the appointment. The notary will answer any questions you have about them when you meet, they don't need to be answered in advance.

Will I need witnesses?

No. Although two witnesses are required, the Notary can serve as one witness and can provide a second witness for $10 extra. If you would prefer your own witness, you are welcome to bring one with you.

Are your documents as good as ones prepared by a lawyer?

Yes. The Notary is a lawyer but is not acting as your lawyer or providing legal advice. This is how we can keep are fees so low. If you need legal advice you will need to retain a lawyer. 


the Day

You've put it off long enough. We've made it so easy for you, why not finally take care of this and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from crossing it off your To Do list?

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