Fairview- Halifax, Nova Scotia

Discovering the Charm and Character of Fairview Halifax

Fairview is a charming community located in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and named after Fairview Cove, which forms the southern end of Bedford Basin. It covers an area of approximately 540 acres and has a population of 7,375 people, making it one of the fastest-growing communities in Halifax.

The neighborhood has a dense population, with about 33 people per hectare of land. Despite its density, Fairview has several sport centers located near the center of the neighborhood in W.D. Piercey Park. Additionally, the Royal Canadian Legion (Fairview Branch No. 142) is located on Hillcrest Street, and the Fairview Freemason's Hall (formerly St. Pius X Church) is at 165 Crowning Opportunity, which is the oldest Masonic Lodge in the British Commonwealth outside England itself.

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Fairview also has several community organizations and resources, including the Fairview Resource Centre, a registered charity located at 6 Titus Street. The West End Ecumenical Food Bank is located at the Salvation Army on 50 Gesner Street, which is open on Tuesdays. Previously, the food bank was situated at Saint John's basement, but it was forced to close in September 2005. However, it has since found a new location at the Salvation Army.

Until the 1950s, most of Fairview's citizens were employed by the railway, and the present rural street network in the area was established in the early 20th century, forming a regular grid pattern up the eastern slope of Geizers Hill, facing towards Halifax and the Bedford Basin. The neighborhood name was shortened to Fairview on January 19, 1956.

In the early 1960s, all the homes on School Avenue's southern side were appropriated by the province and destroyed to make way for the construction of the Bicentennial Highway. School Avenue itself is still owned by the Province of Nova Scotia and is the only civic street in the location not under community authority.

Fairview became a significant shopping destination in the late 1960s and early 1970s, after Halifax's first suburban mall, the Bayers Road Shopping Centre, was built. Fairview also became home to one of Halifax's first suburban high schools in 1958 when Halifax West Municipal High School opened on Dutch Village Road.

However, the community faced several challenges in the following years, as certain streets in the area became known for criminal activity. In the late 1990s, the Nova Scotia chapter of the Hells Angels established a clubhouse in the center of the old business district on the Halifax City side of Fairview, contributing to the area's reputation for criminal activity.

Following police action and community protests, Fairview has been slowly gentrifying as urban professionals seeking shorter commutes into Halifax are finding the neighborhood and its century-old beauty. The amalgamation of unincorporated Halifax County communities such as Fairview, Rockingham, and Spryfield saw the town become part of the City of Halifax in 1969. Under HRM, Fairview, along with its 1969 amalgamation neighbors of Rockingham and Spryfield, was jurisdictionally put in Mainland Halifax.

In conclusion, Fairview is a unique community in Halifax with a rich history, community resources, and several amenities, including sport centers and shopping centers. Although it faced several challenges in the past, Fairview has been slowly gentrifying and is becoming a desirable location for urban professionals seeking a short commute into Halifax.

If you’re planning a trip to Fairview Halifax, there are a few resources that can help you make the most of your visit. The Nova Scotia Visitor Information Centre is a great place to start. They have six locations throughout the province, including one in Halifax, where you can drop in for information on Nova Scotia’s travel experiences. Their friendly and knowledgeable travel counsellors and tourism ambassadors can help you plan your trip and make the most of your time in Halifax.

Another useful resource is the Tourism Nova Scotia website. Here you can find information on visitor centres, travel guides, and top attractions and experiences throughout the province.