Get your Legal Will

in Dartmouth Nova Scotia

  • One meeting
  • One hour
  • $395 ($495 for a couple)

Just one meeting for one hour and you can prepare your Legal Will and other essential estate documents and have them signed, witnessed, notarized and all ready for use when needed. No additional time or money required.

It doesn't get any easier. Book your appointment today.

Get your Legal Will

in Dartmouth

Nova Scotia

  • 60 minute meeting
  • a few questions
  • $345 for one
  • $445 for a couple

Just one meeting with an experienced Notary Public and your Legal Will and other essential estate documents will be completed, signed, and ready to use when needed. No more time or money required.

This is as easy as it gets.

So what are you waiting for?


Step 1 - Book an Appointment

Use our convenient online booking system to see when the notary is available and book a convenient time and location. 


Step 2 - Prepare the documents 

In a friendly and comfortable setting you will prepare your documents step by step.


Step 3 - Sign the documents

Under the notary's supervision your Legal Will and other documents are signed, witnessed and notarized so that they will be fully ready when needed.

Quick and trouble free!

Michael C.

- Halifax

Quick and trouble free! The Notary was pleasant, professional, efficient, thorough and repeatedly ensured that I understood what was happening! Well done start to finish!

Professional and efficient


- Halifax

Prompt, professional, and efficient service. The Notary was proactive in reaching out to make sure I had everything I needed for the appointment, and was totally organized and prepared, as well as kind and friendly. Seamless service. Highly recommend! 

Why Choose Us:


If you need legal advice then you should retain a practicing lawyer. But if you are aware of your legal rights and responsibilities and know what you want, this can be a more affordable alternative. 


DIY Legal Wills kits and automated software websites cost less but ultimately leave you to prepare your documents on your own. And then you still need to get your documents signed, witnessed and affidavits notarized costing more time and money.


Needing a Legal Will has probably been weighing on your mind for a while now. One meeting for one hour and you can take care of it once and for all. 


No need to deal with an impersonal website alone. Meet with a friendly professional who will walk you though the process at a comfortable pace.

Aaron W.

- Dartmouth

"We avoided doing a will for years because we thought it would be a huge hassle. The Notary made it all super easy, fast, comfortable, and affordable!"

Today's the Day you get your

Legal Will

You've put it off long enough. We've made it so easy for you, why not finally take care of this and enjoy the peace of mind that comes from crossing it off your To Do list?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Click the "Book Now" button below to book an appointment. If you need to meet at your home or elsewhere, click the "House Call" button instead. Note that you can only book an appointment up to 7 days in advance (30 days for estate documents). If you'd prefer to meet at our Halifax location, click here.

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Other Notary service provided includes:

• certified true copies • affidavits • powers of attorney • visa invitation letters • travel consent forms • separation agreements • applications • proof of life forms • real estate documents • passport applications in lieu of guarantor • any document needing to be notarized or sworn

About our Dartmouth Location

Dartmouth is a picturesque community located in the Halifax Regional Municipality of Nova Scotia, Canada. This historic town is situated on the eastern shore of the Halifax Harbour and is home to approximately 70,000 people. Dartmouth is a charming mix of modern amenities and old-world charm, boasting a vibrant downtown area with unique shops, restaurants, and cultural attractions.

One of the most notable landmarks in Dartmouth is the Angus L. Macdonald Bridge, which connects the town to Halifax. This iconic suspension bridge offers stunning views of the harbor and is a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Dartmouth is also home to several beautiful parks and green spaces, including the Shubie Park and Lake Banook, which offer an array of recreational opportunities.

Dartmouth has a rich history that dates back to the 17th century when it was a major center for shipbuilding and seafaring. The town has preserved much of its heritage architecture, and visitors can explore its historic sites and landmarks, such as the Dartmouth Heritage Museum and the Evergreen House.

Dartmouth is a beautiful and welcoming community that offers a high quality of life to its residents. With its stunning natural scenery, rich history, and diverse cultural offerings, Dartmouth is a must-visit destination for anyone traveling to Nova Scotia.

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